Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Zwinky ... a very weird perhaps perverse look at it

Ok I have been seeing the advertisements about zwinky... dress up and choose who you want to be... my opinion: in the closet cross dressers or perverts who want to be acting and fraternizing with the sex which they are not, acting out who they are not and just older guys with either nothing better to do else pedophiles who are out to get young girls who use the site to play dress up.

Plus, hmmm isn't it a little too young to start the girls with all these hyped up fashion, the "it" girl and bling bling?

Anyway I guess I'm old fashioned and no fun :P Ha!

Friday, June 15, 2007


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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Tried Yoga (not as easy as you think it is)

Ok so here I am in beautiful Toronto, Ontario Canada... the traffic, pedestrians, and infrastructure suck though.

Anyway I am here visiting my girlfriend and so I attended so far 2 yoga classes taught by an Indian lady. She's really good. I am still somewhat sore and stiff necked from all of the classes and I feel that if you do it as much as you can, it is a really good stretching exercise and will make you sweat.

Before I enter in more text, no I didn't smoke a joint or anything (drugs are for pathetic losers) and I am no "Gen Y hippie" who's digging into East / South Asian culture etc like the Beatles.

For me I know that if I exert myself I break a sweat quite easily. Anyway, it's not easy, if you do it the first few times. In fact I was pleasantly surprised at many of the positions which was demonstrated as they were almost exactly as what our dear old Malaysian comic and cartoonist "Lat" had illustrated about him trying out Yoga.

With that said, well Toronto is not too bad a place to live, although the winters may be harsh and summers can possibly get very very hot. Well, I think that isn't too different compared to St. Louis, Missouri where there is the continental effect.

Food here is great. Lots of Japanese and Thai, plenty of local Pizza Pizza and Mr. Sub chains. Need to try those two. Will try to hit the Hare Krishna buffet before I leave from Toronto to head back to St. Louis; I know I've tried the one in Downtown St. Louis Vanderventer Ave ISKCONN and I would assume about the same types of vegetarian foods.

Had a $11.99 Sushi buffet... it was great... weekends only. Although it's a buffet, it's freshly prepared like ala carte per penciled in order, but it was made as you ordered... so you can say freshly made buffet... no mass production pre-rolled sushi etc.

Movies watched so far Shrek the Third, Spiderman 3. Another 2 more upcoming would be Ocean's 13 and Hostel 2 buaahahaha!