Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's time to beyotch again

I know, I need to get off my soap box and probably dial back my expectations and also stay away from the whole dating scene for a bit. But that doesn't mean I will not approach women in general. Just so jaded with the bull crap these girls here in Seattle put me thru, but again I keep telling myself it's a game of numbers and I have to keep meeting new people until the one which kinda fits what I am looking for & meets me, by some serendipitous cosmic event.

But so far from what I see, the statistics don't look good. But it's fine. I'm probably going to take a break from the dating scene and just enjoy myself being single and if the right one happens to sail along I'm more than happy to sail side by side.

It's interesting that, I think, more matured women see me as the "eligible bachelor" possessing the traits that they desire: someone who knows how to cook, outgoing enough and yet have enough homebody time, is kind and nice, funny / bubbly or what's commonly known as a sense of humor, and more. Perhaps, nothing bad being implied, but it's something they feel that with age and maturity, that this is what they should have been looking for when they were much younger. But who am I to judge or say anything since I'm only a mere 32.

Sometime I ponder and perhaps I have the matured / old man syndrome else perhaps I am just jaded and tired of the whole dating fiasco. I feel like a sea liner, steady and vigilant heading towards a known destination with confidence and yet I have not met a captain worthy to co-pilot and be my partner in crime.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Work, life et al

So it's been interesting enough... had a few disappointing dates from It's Just Lunch and I kinda let it get to me and get all bummed. I'm coming to the conclusion that girls here in Seattle seriously have an issue, but not totally because it's all a game of numbers.

Like any large corporation more work less workforce. I'm just a production support IT guy but I know, as a soldier in the field, that without the minimal workforce to support a production environment, for sure the SLA will not be sustainable.

So here's the twist, the general agreement was 20 minutes to get ultra urgent ticket items, and only to find out that the business agreement has it as 10 minutes. I dare say with authority that that is definitely impossibly and typical management with unrealistic expectation / no proper consideration of what is actually happening in the field.

Nothing can be done except to muster on, march forward and do the best we can.