Saturday, August 8, 2009


It's been a while since I've written... thought it'll be a good time to write.

Sarah Palin out of Alaska's Governorship... woo hoo... but the Bulldog / pig with lipstick wants to comment on Obama's health care plan. Sigh. Kind of amateurish for an ex-politician. She has basically shamed herself with her ignorance and lost all credibility... I wonder why she is even making noise. If I were her I'd tuck my tail and retire quietly and go do her book deal, movie deal etc and make more money.

Hmm the proposed health care plan is a tough nut to crack. It's a good initiative... but it's not explained well because basically you can keep your doctor and plan if you like it, else choose what may be offered by the government plan. But all this.. will incur cost and from my limited understanding, it seems they may consider taxing people who are receiving health insurance to pay for others who can't afford it... yep money doesn't grow on trees and unfortunately I have NO SAY whatsoever as to how the govt. is run since I am not a citizen.

Hmm new car on the horizon... those solar sun roof option is an extra $1300 ... not really worth it. I'd rather buy after market solar coolers and install it myself.

Super happy... my gf has achieve the big break she was looking for... a relatively high paying job and in the field that she's studying in and seems like she likes what she's doing... Health Informatics... a hot and up and coming industry especially in Canada where they are now starting to adopt a proper Health IT system.

So much has happened between the last time I wrote till now. A few missing children killed by adults, the death of a legend Michael Jackson, miracle landing in the Hudson river, Obama swatting the pesky fly, Susan Boyle you tube sensation... a more recent wedding entrance dance which now seems to become the hottest trend to follow. I dunno sometimes I think people are just clueless about life and decency. Call me old fashion and conservative but all that dancing on the wedding day... kinda lame and stupid.

Speaking of which... I'm not anti-marriage or anti children... but people here are really obsessed with getting married ASAP and fucking and making babies.

1) If you don't have the proper finances, please do not breed

2) Studies find that live in couples have a higher divorce rate... I think this study is seriously
flawed / wrong because my own experience is that it's better to know your future spouse @ least 3 -4 years before you get married and not have any surprises because they will be in your face 24/7, so don't give me the crap "irrevocable differences". Also if you're gonna get married after knowing them for a few months or just 1 - 2 years, you're asking for trouble and ever worse if you're going to fuck and make babies and then divorce. You deserve the Darwinian award.

3) Earth already has way too many human beings and we can use less homo sapient. So please stop breeding 5 - 10 children if you can't afford it. There should be a law written for prevention better than cure where Social Services basically studies your financial viability and determines if you can support XX amount of children. I know it sounds like communism but you have to be pragmatic and realistic. If you are going to breed, and you can't afford it, please do give it up for adoption... of the best is DO NOT BREED.