Tuesday, July 6, 2010

More bike runs and 1st IJL date tonight... wish me luck!

Bike rides for July 3rd and 4th:

Get Up & Get Out Seattle group (GUGO) was really fun, though the group got split in two a few times due to differing levels of cycling speeds. It was a leisure ride speed ++ and I definitely could keep with them even though I had my heavy ass Pacific Rubicon mountain bike 21 speed but I powered through with my bike and should have kept to the front of the pack rather than wait for the slower paddlers behind to catch up, and worse still being new to Seattle and not knowing the routes / location, I was in no proper position to help mediate between the front and back group.

Next time I'm bringing my GPS... need to look for a good way to mount it though.


A very sad day indeed... going to the meetup.com for Seattle singles, not finding the group because it was really crowded and it was really loud & noisy. Sad because not only was it $25 for 10 drink coupons, you get a cool 4oz drink cup, got drunk by my own and definitely not the proper environment to meet other singles. I'm beginning to suspect that this meetup group will not yield the desired results that I was hoping for because it seems more like everyone is single but I don't really see any actual connection with the ladies. Perhaps I'm to passive, not an extrovert enough just need to courage up and just dive head in.

I guess that's my hangup on the Seattle dating scene, not a proper venue et al. (IJL please pull through for me I think you're my last hope)


July 4th bike ride was ok... not really my crowd of people, I think it was mostly alternative type bicycling culture type group unlike the GUGO above where we had fun talking and riding, mostly "regular" folks.


So today I have my very 1st date arranged by IJL... I'm psyched and excited... I hope it is a sure shot and that there is mutual chemistry with Leah then it'll be so awesome and I can already start exploring things together as a couple.

So 7 pm is the dinner date. Ready or not here it comes!

We'll see... wish me luck!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

12 mile bike run and It's Just Lunch

Ok I think I'm almost ready to bicycle to work... I was able to manage 12 miles yesterday evening which was very surprising because I only planned to bike for about 40 minutes.. 20 minutes south on the Burke-Gilman trail and back. I was glad when I got to my last marker of my prior trip NE 50th Ave and Railroad Ave NE and continued to push forward and actually did 6 miles to 25th Ave NE and NE Blakeley St and then back to home.

Google Maps of my Bike Trail

Wow I am ready to ride to work... just need a new road bike. My stupid Pacific Rubicon mountain bike is having issues with the pivot pin / screw... keeps getting loose and I have to keep screwing it tight.

So my victory run pictures:

Burke Gilman southbound

Earlier rides:

Alki Beach

Burke Gilman South 1st try

Burke Gilman Northbound

So It's Just Lunch dating service... results...! Yesss! Well I mean 2 dinner dates have been arranged so I'm psyched and excited. I guess it's been 7 years, and it's like learning to ride a bicycle... well this will be a whole new bicycle because this time I'm aiming for "big game" ... as per Lenny Kravitz "American Woman.... (don't) stay away from meeee..."

I'll leave it as is for now.