Wednesday, November 21, 2007

KEZK Soft Rock 102.5MHz STL Missouri Winner starting 9 am CST

I take no responsibility for missed names, locations and spellings ha ha ha!

9 - 10AM
Carol Miller from IL

10 - 11 am
Joe Nunez from Mayland Heights MO

11am - 12 noon
Dennis Stevenson from Granite City MO

12noon - 1 pm
Shirley Bishoff Florissant MO

1pm - 2 pm
Sherry Jones from Fenton MO

2pm - 3 pm (2 names now)
Ashley Applebaum ___ ? MO
Patricia Mann O'fallon IL (323 pm)
Kathy Harden St Charles MO (351 pm)

3pm - 4pm
Lisa Cryder Collinsville IL (423 pm)
Laura Foster Furgeson MO (452 pm)

4pm - 5 pm
Jessica ?
Maria A Bellview ? (523pm)
Kathy Lewis ? (538 pm)
Heather Viviano Hazelwood MO (553 pm)

6pm - 7 pm
Andrea Jenkins St Louis (618 pm)
? ? 6++ PM
Sherry Wolf (649 pm)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Job's mid-life crisis

Am in the middle of my usual day... contemplating my future. Heard rumors that after release 7 contractors are going to get canned. Time for me to get something more stable and something which I was trained in.

Time to flex some networking muscles which I have somewhat developed and make use of it. Need to figure out my long term goals also...

Besides that... well things are mundane as usual.

Here's some pictures of fall leaves:


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