Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Crap always comes in loads for me

Makes me wonder if my life is full of drama... but I'm actually handling it very well surprisingly.

Than again I guess my drama is not as sever compared to others who are married and with a full load of stuff to take care off on a constant basis, so I guess I shouldn't bitch as much as I do and rather just play the cards that are dealt. the last 2 rounds (Visa renewal and transfer) were good hands, but the next hand to relocate into Seattle was a huge blow.

That plus getting a notice from my GF that my deadline to get my ass into Seattle is August end that we agreed. Sigh. I won't tell a biased story but we have indeed been dating long distance since 2003 and I have my part of the blame for not trying harder to get closer to her sooner.

Then agian with the current economic climate and job loss, it's going to be tough but I will still try hard.

On the lighter side, @ least I was able to renew my Maryland Heights membership and added the fitness / recreation center membership so @ least I have a cheap gym to go to. Their equipment is not too shabby, a few cardio machines and the rest are Nautilus weight machines. And I found they have 2 very good ab machines. hope to lose that 10 lbs I gained throughout the last year or so.