Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thought that it's been a while...

When I started writing this I thought I hadn't written in a while,... probably life is passing me by at a lightning pace, but turns out that I was writing something and had it saved and not publish yet. I'll just mush them together.

So lessons learnt: dating is not easy... guy still needs to chase girls, girls are still shy / prefer to be chased (especially  here in Seattle), better to just give my business card after the date, and seems to me women's universal language that I'm not interested = they don't call back. Sigh and they always say communication is important... then again I think it is my characteristics that I'd rather be told upfront "No I'm not interested" and well "disappointment" is part of the package when you say no and I'm fine about it.

No offense to the ladies but please, us guy are really clueless sometimes and we not always capable of reading the hints and signs.

So hint hint any ladies who are reading my blog, that's Roy 101... (for that matter guy 101), you need to tell me (the guy) what it is that you're feeling. Do you actually like me, are you flirting with me (that one I can pick up most of the time), you're interested in me but not 100% sure yet or we're just friends / just looking to be friends.

I think I know better now and not to read too deep into things / meanings when they are said / done. Need to put my pragmatism thinking cap back on and go slow and easy. Let nature take it's course and seems like it'll be rare that chemistry actually strikes like a lightning rod unlike my prior relationship.

Well my prior relationship was that and luck. I just got lucky that she was as simple as I was but just so unlucky that I was blindsided and had discounted her selfishness and anger issues. Anyway not griping about the past time to move on, new pastures, greener grass and a better quality, life partner may be coming my way, fingers crossed!

Biking... woo hoo so I got me a new bicycle (and an inflatable kayak):