Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New Car new team...

New car... a purchase of necessity more than anything because my Honda 92 Accord LX manual transmission was making some weird noise and I suspect it's almost time up for her. I miss her... she was a pretty dependable ride, 172k miles.

I sure hope she goes to a good home.

Changed teams... Tier 2 OMS Production Fallout team. Basically we look at the order image of the customer which has fallen out, update the DB with the missing details / attribute, reformulate the XML and push the XML and help the customer get back on track in the ordering management system.

Pretty interesting, a little more challenging and uses the knowledge which I already have at hand but I think I'm getting bored soon. Pretty repetitive type work once you get used to it.

Besides that nothing to exciting I guess. I have my hopes that November I will get permission from my manager to relocate to Seattle permanently... either WFH permanent else work from Seattle Amdocs office. Say a prayer for me that this will be done and I'll be a very happy man. Puget sound / Seattle area is beautiful. lots of outdoors to see and explore, to go sea kayaking and of course (in no particular order) I'll be 3 hs away from my GF.