Monday, July 16, 2007

TB Case from Atlanta

Sometimes it's good when you know the law, however when you act arrogant and defy orders, you are just asking for it.

It just shows a blatant disregard for the law and orders plus poor implementation / enforcement of orders. CDC should have their no fly list and stop people like these from flying if they already knew and had a case file on him.

He on the other hand purposefully took a Czech Airlines flight into Canada to sneak back into the US.

Anyway for someone to bring back a foreign bride from elsewhere, probably shows how crappy he is. Just my 2 cents about this incident.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Childish Malaysian politics

Malaysian politics is almost like Taiwanese politics, nothing against Taiwanese people and their politics, but just making a possible similarity.

There's a reason why there are stock yards and slaughter houses is to perform these sacrifices and slaughters.

You don't simply start a kenduri slaughter at a Parliament parking lot... if this is the case then the other MP's who comsume pork should do like in 1969 and setup the beloved pork barbeque at the entrance to the Parliament. All are welcome to com sniff some.

Anyway, that's the key reason why Malaysia is where it is, with all it's corruption, bickering and special interests, special rights with no real intention for the betterment of Malaysians.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Dim Sum and a matter of opinion

Life's good... the same slogan which LG electronics is using. I went for a nice good large Dim Sum treat on Saturday @ Hunan restaurant off of Page Ave. They are good!

Authentic and push cart dim sum. Cantonese and Mandrin friendly. Ok enough, sounds liek I'm promoting for them. Loh mai kai, Charsiew pau, Singapore noodle, tau fu fah, chee cheong fun, har gow, and siew mai... all in a good day's brunch. It did however burn a hole in my pocket.

Sometimes, there's only so much that you can hold yourself back when someone gives some opinion which you start loathing them... but of course I won't bow down and let that affect me... too much.

This stupid ass guy, old burnt out ugly looking database administrator thinks he's so great, but honestly I think he's a bigger loser. I now know to distant myself from him because he thinks that just because he's established himself here, he thinks he's so great. What a loser. Of course I'm no exception, but I wouldn't want to take shit from a low life like this. Why he comes up in this segment is because I recommended this restaurant for good dim sum.

I guess I never knew his true nature until he showed it saying that long distant relationship are crap. Fine I respect his point of view but as the saying goes, if you don't have anything nice to say, just shut up. Sometimes people just don't understand that you have no right to extend or imply your customs and tradition onto others. Anyway, he's a stupid ugly clueless guy. Even dyed his hair light brown.

Newsflash: asian people who dye their hairs are super fugly. Please take note. You will indeed look like a clown. Accept your distinguish ways gracefully and don't try to feign it.

Anyways, besides that nothing exciting happening. Just the same old stuff. All the more reason why I have to make sure I achieve financial success so that I can, to a certain degree distinguish myself from these stupid losers.