Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Interesting article by Tricia Romano

I happen to see an article http://www.salon.com/2014/05/30/amazon_is_killing_my_sex_life_partner/ and actually read thru it and the comments on the article. It's not a new article and it actually recently made it into my FB feed since I just happen to indulge in it a little.

This is the problem which I have with the article, (and to a certain degree, the newer generation of journalists / social media genre of reporting) that it sounds pretty one sided. It wasn't a research type article, she did not interview a large enough sample of female participants or even better still interview many of these snobbish techie geeky guys, and it ends up that this article is more like a personal tirade against techie single men in Seattle and how they lack in social skills etc.

There are points to be taken, and it's not just the locals who are in tech but also with the South Asian geeks. I have observed a few of these more socially conservative south Asian men who try to fit into the North American lifestyle and have indulged in things that I do not care for, namely getting drunk and have their liquid encouragement to try their luck at hitting up a girl, and smoking marijuana to "gain weight" through munchies. This is definitely very narrow and targeted, observed specifically on 2 such individuals, and may not necessarily reflect overall. as one of the people mentioned, part of the problem is indeed the money factor and immaturity.

They definitely can use some social polishing up and dress a little better, pursue more fun things in life and getting a life outside of work, no doubt about that. A few of the people who contributed to the comments nailed it on the head that there are quite a few of them who are introverted and nerdy as such, and also due to what corporations do to people, to a certain degree a Seattle clique whereby the first few things people ask upon initial meeting is where did you go to school / what do you work as. Take it with a grain of salt, some people do ask that to judge, others take it as a gauge to see what / who they're dealing with and couldn't care more beyond what you do as your day job.

Yep you could say I am defending my fellow geeks, but I'm far from cookie cutter. I do indulge in the outdoors and bicycling and kayaking, but I don't take it that seriously until it gets old. Yes I have done the STP 4x, 2 days on a dual suspension mountain bike, I am passionate about bicycling but at the same time I would not overwhelm you about it unless if you show interest and are on the verge of taking up bicycling, be it casually, commuting or possibly getting all hardcore about it. I do have a personality & interests outside of tech, and as a matter of fact I'm almost tired of tech and looking into breaking out from the 8 -5 and start my own business. All these tech and requirements and experience can get overwhelming and can be about trumpet blowing.

Anyway, gone are the days of good journalism and to a certain degree we have traded that in for more of a 1 person crusade and tirade rather than a holistic and all encompassing approach to reporting about a subject that might actually be good and leave you thinking and saying "hmm that definitely was interesting and something to talk about". Rather than be like my blog posts... a 1 person tirade and complaining about things that I don't particularly favor.

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