Tuesday, November 11, 2014

You cannot afford to be technologically challenged in this day and age

Call it a generation gap and just a difference in how a geek's mind works or more like someone who's more technologically inclined, but I'm comfortable trying out new gadgetry and fully embrace "to the cloud" or having things virtual.

Just can't put into words the level of frustration when people express their fear of things being stored online and the what if power goes out, I want a physical fax machine bla bla bla. So to put things into perspective, yes online things can get hacked and we definitely should take caution with regards to what can / should be stored online and definitely have multiple local backups.

So maybe on a different perspective, this is more of a frustration rather than technological ineptness, since I'd like to think that I do keep up with open source and things that are low to no cost when it comes to getting work done. Along with that line of thought, I am partially at fault also when I communicate poorly and in my mind I think and assume that I am communicating things well enough and I assume too much that people are familiar with how things work like Open Office, Google drive and Google Docs and Sheets, and the Office Online.

It's interesting because I did see someone post that they were looking for writing opportunities and is frustrated that they are not interested in learning online writing tools like wordpress and other online social media outlets. Not to diss the typewriter, I think it is an awesome classic tool which I would like to have one to play with, but this is very similar to Gone Girl where both of the title characters lost their newspaper journalist / article writer positions due to the burst of online media and news reporting, hence resulting in layoffs at the newspaper.

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