Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Ingress to a rant of unemployment to the fate of humanity

Been pretty busy with both work and a new little game call ingress and it's been interesting & fun. Very addictive, good for making you walk (or bike) a lot more to get to portals to play the game and discover interesting local art and facts about your surroundings and new places.

It's almost like geocaching but with a more geeky and nerdy side to things. when I first started out, the past weekend it was a learning curve about what the game was and what I should do, getting all proud that I got to establish 2 new local portals which were nearby and interesting enough (George the Giraffe & the Dick's Burger & Fries drive in at Lake City) and then getting all pissed that the "enemy faction" took over those portals and it kinda keeps going back and forth. I had to do a reality & addiction check to make sure that I wasn't getting way to involved into it as it is just a game.

Not really resigned but pretty much I'll just play it more casually and not achieve some crazy geek or nerd status like overcompensating for something else hah! It's just a game, pretty fun one too.

Pineapple seems to be growing, no signs of prominent roots yet but it does take about 3 weeks for anything visible to happen.

Work front, well just bored of what I'm doing, definitely need a change in career / company and in a more fostering environment and learn new things. getting jaded and tired to be truthful.

Many times I try really hard to just be in the moment and not harbor ill thoughts, it is hard but my gripe with unemployment or maybe more like people who choose not to better themselves. The communists kinda had it right that it is illegal to be unemployed. Of course from my understanding, the end result is that people are forced to be employed or work at jobs which they do not desire.

I truly believe that colleges and the government need to pay attention to the job market and know what's growing and what is not and don't simply give degrees to fields which are not in demand. It may be harsh, but at the rate that humanity is growing, it is not sustainable. We as a human race DO NOT need to breed like rabbits. resources are finite, we should not squander it as a species and result in a permanently damaged ecosystem. We do not need more human beings, when will humanity start realizing this?

In that mindset, consider this situation. A dual income family is now down to single income, home is financed under one of the spouses who is a somewhat high earner and in general will not lose the house. The spouse who is not working has the flexibility of job hunting and not worrying about food not utilities nor house mortgage repayment. I definitely understand that looking for a job is a full time gig and filing for unemployment is no fun. I hate to play devil's advocate to say that if you can't make in this world, you deserve to wither off and die from the gene pool, but truth be told that is how nature operates and the human condition perverts this law of nature by prolonging life that was never really meant to be. The angst that I feel about this situation is that:

1) Insanity is when you keep repeating what you do, hoping to see a different result

2) Robert Kiyosaki said that those who are in the "E" Employee quadrant who do not see the light, will always remain in the E quadrant... begging an employer for a paycheck and benefits. Until the day they realize the laws of money has changed and that they need to get into business tax bracket, that is when you will truly enjoy financial freedom.

I feel jaded and burnt out that I am pretty much living form paycheck to paycheck, while, it may seem, no effort is put on others to learn lesson #2 and realize that they need to get into business. I feel like I am doing the whole "if you want to get things done, do it yourself" as I am part of a 2 person team in my LLC, and seems like I am spearheading all the work and not much is done from the other business partner. There's a lot of talk but no solid action, and the other party is not putting words into action nor taking a priority in what I think is important in life.

Anyway I'll definitely have to find a solution and forge and force my way through by hook or by crook if need be to get my LLC off the ground. Fingers are crossed. I'm gonna treat this post as the "write the angry letter on the piece of paper and then burn it off" and move on to a new day and live for today and forget all things that bring me down and handle it day by day.

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