Wednesday, October 22, 2014

My new happy place

So I have discovered, or should I say rediscovered my passion for kite flying.

Surprisingly sometimes the simplest of kites, like those in the shape of a delta (triangle) and regular diamond shaped ones flew perfectly and required very little wind force and flew steadily. The delta which I have is a Spiderman kite, about 3 feet wing span with 2 awesome red streamers / tail requires little to no effort.

My company's CES launch advertisement kite had a false start and didn't fly as high and had a weird spinning effect. That was soon rectified once I moved the cross stem to bend downward, so a downward concave and it started behaving nicely.

It's almost been a year since we purchased the Minion Kite from Costco on a whim and finally got a chance to fly it in Cannon Beach OR and it was really fun. It flew pretty high and definitely attracted a few children's attention. I'm actually surprised why I don't see more of them in the sky but I guess it's because mainstream kite enthusiasts aren't that much into branded things / kites associated with movie characters.

At Cannon Beach we visited an awesome kite shop there: The Kite Factory 339 North Fir St Cannon Beach, OR 97110, run by a total hippie free spirit man which was fun to talk to and very knowledgeable about kites, with VERY flexible hours and and we ended up buying a nice box kite. When we first drove by we saw it was open and as soon as we did a u-turn to go check it out it was closed. As soon as we started peeking in and tried the door, he ran to the reopen the store from inside and welcomed us in. he said that business was slow so he just closed up and was going to go get a beer.

Still trying to get a feel of the kite as it does require 7 mph minimum sustained winds and seems like it flies pretty well. I flew it at Magnuson Park for a bit at kite hill and it was a bit crowded. I hope to find a spot where it's open and not as crowded so I can have more airspace. Only regret is that it doesn't have awesome streamers on it which would make it look pretty cool once airborne. It's also feature in the top most picture with Spiderman.

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