Thursday, October 16, 2014

Social media etiquette & overshare nation

A very interesting thing happened recently, I was added to a google plus circle related to these people Something very similar happened in the past when a Rabin Biswas (a blogger from India) did the same thing.

In general I do not let inconsequential things like this get at me, and I'd like to think that it doesn't but there are times when I really wonder what goes on in the minds of these individuals.

I definitely understand the need to gather a large following, and may lead to Ad Sense income, or maybe get a gig for reality tv / starting and starring in their own little reality show in their own little world, or something more intangible like affirmation from people whom you will never meet in person, in real life and seeking the attention that they may be lacking.

My take on it is that:

1) Google and other social media need to fine tune their algorithm before suggesting candidates for people to add & to follow.

2) Professionalism, unfortunately a lot of it is not present on the internet, it's like a cold sales call and they would indiscriminately add you without thinking twice or even trying to get to know you.

So with that said, I looked at what was shared in jhousevlogs and it occurs to me that I have no interest whatsoever in what they're sharing. I do not know them, they do not know me and unless there's something that I had put in my Google plus profile which indicated that I'm interested in the intimate and private moments of a family, who has decided to over share cheesy moments, private intimate moments which are meant for close friends and family (unless it's all acting a facade just to drum up viewership), which doesn't help the earth in any way shape or form. I will not deny the fact that it is their prerogative and drive / their passion to share to the whole world about their daily private life, and like any television channel, I can choose to not partake or watch it, turn it off or to switch to something which actually enriches my own life.

But seriously, with technology nowadays, you never know who your real audience is. There are many people who probably can get detailed information as to where you are, when you post, and what you post, so I take no pity if you get robbed while on vacation because you had to instantaneously over share your life, your location and vacation dates & places. Don't blame the world or other human beings if you get a stalker or child molester or abductor who has been watching you and plotting and know where you are and what you do and are able to successfully target your children.

The internet has definitely helped science grow exponentially, knowledge (both legitimate and fake) to be widely disseminated easily, vocal & acting talents discovered, exposure of corporate wrongdoings and many good things, however, something as petty and as small as sharing your life to the world does not help make this a better planet. It actually does show how immature and small minded an individual is and self entitlement.

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