Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Absence from social media & human personality

So I took another plunge and stab at hiatus from Facebook specifically. Not that I have not done that before but this time I finally reached a point in my life where I need to focus on my small business start up and actually develop close friendships with a small group of friends who are like minded and chill.

A few friends are starting to surface with my hiatus, and I really do appreciate them and am looking forward to building stronger bonds with them. I have actually resorted to more email and text, though probably it should be more phone calls, going all old school. It would be a good thing because if I'm given a chance I'd rather email & text rather than call, so calls would be a good step forward to get more comfortable talking one on one.

Wow so I started writing this back in Feb 14 2014 and here I am full circle again on Oct 1 with the same effort. This time it'll be different because I think I'm done with Facebook for good. I was contemplating whether to cancel / close the account but many acquaintances & true friends are already on there so it doesn't make sense for me to have them move over to my professional FB page.

Before I left & signed out from FB and uninstalled FB app on my phone, I did put my email and phone should people want to contact me for help or invite events etc. I'll still keep that profile and check in once in a while just in case there are things that need my attention.

It is actually exciting to receive email / direct communication. I have been trying to do more phone calls, though being a Gen X kinda kid I do like texting also especially if it involves something that needs to be really accurate leaving nothing gray. Perhaps I have a bit of a complex / seeking affirmation thing and wanting people to pay attention to me but deep down there are disappointments like organizing events and then not getting an invite back to do stuff. I'm over and above that kind of drama, I'm cool to organize and if I don't get invited back, who cares. I'm just glad to have their company and to see them once in a while.

I'm beginning to realize how much FB dulls down the excitement of sharing personal experiences, makes interpersonal connections so much more loose and not as intimate. It dulls down the desire to actually meet in person to share ideas and just to talk and interact. It could be just me doing the over share and it's time for me to step back and actually share in person when I see my friends in person.

One of the main driving factors of my FB hiatus also is because of the lists that I have created and needing to decide who sees what, especially my wife. She complained that I was over sharing on my wall and that did tick me off quite a bit. If you think about it, I'll use the same analogy like tv channels: if you don't enjoy that programming, no one asked you to watch it, you have the right to change channels or turn the T.V. off completely. I did put her on a list so that she will not see / receive as much updates from my over share for the most part. But with that said, I'm going cold turkey on FB and it's been good. The same effort that I use for over share is now focused on things that I should be focusing on like my LLC and possibly even get into more of my hobbies which I call them as arrested development like writing, music and art, and even my career else computer programming just for fun.

I must be careful not to bite off more than I can chew though. Also on that same note, tapping into Landmark teachings, more often than not, it is a high lack of integrity / a lack of genuine connection to hide things behind a wall. With this blog, I'm bearing it all, it's open to public and I am making somewhat of a commitment to say what I have on my mind and speak it with integrity / truth. Something which always makes me think about that statement is the fact that if I can handle the truth. "A Few Good Men" movie scene comes into mind, but overall I think I'd say that I handle raw truth pretty well. I'd rather have someone say that they don't like something or communicate clearly what they desire rather than sugar coat and beat around the bush with what they actually mean.

Anyway, on this high note, I think this would be a good place to stop and make my peace until the next time I need to vent / write about things.

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