Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Movie review: This Is Where I Leave You

It was a really good movie, very well cast for the roles and my favorite character was Philip Altman, the youngest sibling, played by Adam Driver. I am the youngest in the family so that would definitely explain why I'd relate the most with his character.

The movie starts out with the setting of typical modern day, North American, dysfunctional family, where there was a death in the family and many of the siblings aren't necessarily as close as they used to be growing up. The focus is somewhat on the main character Judd Altman played by Jason Bateman who is a radio show producer who finds out 2 tragic news whereby his dad passed away and that his employer, the D.J. personality was having an affair with his wife, on their 3rd anniversary day.

So then comes the fun part, like a Big Brother reality show where the family and some in laws are grouped together under the same roof which they grew up in, rekindling fond and no so fond memories and themselves just being the way that they are. the matriarch of the family, Hillary Altman enforces the Jewish tradition of Shiva for 7 days and they are forced to sit down low in observance and to grief and reflect.

Talk about communication and expectations, hesitations, being authentic about yourself and your thoughts etc. I truly feel that as humans, we sugar coat too much, hide behind words and what we truly mean and have our actions be unaligned with what we say or truly mean to do.

Ok just stopping here, lost the inspiration to write more about the movie, go watch it, it's good.

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